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Lazarette Care

The Lazarette

The Lazarette and cockpit areas on a motor/sailing yacht are in the same relative location, but are quite different in upkeep and care. The cockpit is the rearward most area on a boat just prior to the stern or swim step. It can be used for a variety of things, i.e. additional lounge area, storage for large items (chains, bikes, crab pots, and other miscellaneous items).

If your motor/sailing yacht is large enough, the engines are somewhat forward, which means that you gain a storage space just below the cockpit. This additional lower area is termed the “Lazarette” and is accessible through hatches or special doors. Unfortunately, these areas are also prone to dampness and mildew. It can be the cause of very expensive tools, chairs, and spare parts to rust and become un-useable. The Lazarette/storage locker, whether covered or uncovered, is usually a service area with engine hatch covers, entrances to the bilge area, etc., resulting in a lot of wear.

Some of the following should be adhered to:

  • We have seen a lot of expensive tool boxes, sailing equipment and crab pots rusting away in the Lazarette. Try a little WD-40 when you think this might be your last trip for the season. Just lightly spray the crab pot and the surrounding items. Open the tool box and lightly spray. You can wipe off the excess when spring arrives.
  • Also, check for any fuel or oil spills. If they wind up getting pumped by your bilge pump, you’ll have a problem on your hands.
  • Place a 60 watt (no larger) UL approved heater in the Lazarette area. This helps remove moisture. Moisture is the main cause of those special and important items molding/mildewing and eventually rusting.









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